Varied disappointments at the bar

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Black / Shorts

Is there really a point to ‘the wait’?
The wait on love, happiness and everything in between…
The wait on someone who will make you believe in things unimaginable by you?
In things like heaven and a better ending to the short and unpredictable one-act play we call ‘life’?
Does that person exist?
Will it be a man or a woman?
Will it be someone you know? -Would that really matter though?
So many questions that I don’t have the answer to, which hopefully will answer themselves when I find my other half.

All that Karmic and Psionic bull must be really getting to me for me to ask you all of this,
but hey, you’re as good as any other to listen to this. (You’ll do for now.)
Maybe I’ll just go home and forget this entire episode.
Yeah, I’ll turn on the TV and drown my life away in the white noise…
My life is white noise;–almost- I guess I believe that. It’s nothing but an unconventional sound that disrupts the norm.

Is there a point in moving on with life?
That doesn’t mean that I think of suicide;
Or maybe suicide is just something like a hall pass out of the wait and everything else…

Maybe; let’s go over that some other time.
For now, pour me a Rob Roy and I’ll call it a night.

The Author

27. Living large. You control how you make another feel, don't take that for granted. Peace, Love, and Positivity.

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