Mourning you, unlearning me.

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Black / Poetry / White

I walk into rivers to get lost in the seas,
I hurt amongst people who’ve never known what it means,
To fall-
In and out of grace.

You fell in love with the Sun,
When the Moon was your home.
You wanted its light, though I gave you my own.

I don’t know what I’ve done,
To make you this way.
I don’t know who has come,
And swept you away.

When the Stars were your soul,
You slipped away with the Noon.
How was I to know that you weren’t my own.

I mourn you, more than I have any other;
Every morning I wake to draw lines using your ashes;

Across my chest;
Where you used to lay, warm and sun-kissed.

Along my thighs;
Where your hands would explore the roused gooseflesh of my stimulus to your touch.

Dotted on my hips;
That you held onto, as our bodies transformed into sound and colour,
Resonating within the walls of our being, exploding through the pores of our skin;
Till we become but two bodies, bathing in the luminescence of each other’s souls.

I mourn you, as I unlearn me,
Tonight, and forever.

The Author

27. Living large. You control how you make another feel, don't take that for granted. Peace, Love, and Positivity.

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