Unhinged, Yet Truthful

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Mind Matter / Self-help / Shorts

Sadness feeds off shriveled souls;
Empty hearts, like broken bowls,
Spilling truth and mixing pain.

(While standing naked in the pouring rain)

With no pills to heal,
No healing to touch,
No touch to warm-
This cold and fragile heart.

You told me a few days back that you felt out of place in your life. You told me that you were sitting atop this mountain of cogs and didn’t know where any of the pieces fit.

“The struggles we face are like mountains. We must move on and overcome them to see the sunrise on the other side.”

You were unhappy with yourself for a long period of time, true. But when I saw you last, you looked frightened of something…that something was yourself, wasn’t it?

“The demons you fear do not live in the closet, nor do they live under your bed; they live and thrive as they always have: within you.”

I called out for you as you shuddered in the corner. You seemed not to hear me. You were within reach and yet, you weren’t. You stared blankly at me. I screamed for you to listen to what it was that I was saying. I don’t know why I try anymore. I don’t know why you don’t.

“Leaving has always been easier than coming back. Seeing your face; your eyes, your lips, your hair, watching the tears roll down your cheeks; that has always been what hurt.”


The Author

27. Living large. You control how you make another feel, don't take that for granted. Peace, Love, and Positivity.

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