Amidst Dinosaurs

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LGBT / Poetry / Valentines in Blue

I bathed my body, in Holy Basil, and Lavender,
on the day that you arrived.
I laid, on the path to my body, and mind,
cobbled stones, and holy incense,
to rich the air about it, thus–
with splendor, and with charm.

I sanctified this body,
I sanctified my moon,
not to cleanse it for a lover,
but to bring it to commune–
with the spirit, and the heart,
thus, to cleanse it from itself;
I cried into its soil,
to save it from its hell.

Purging all;
its sins and lies,
all that plagued it, bare;
I cried into its blackened skies,
to save it from your snare.

I prepared myself for you,
like an offering, holy;
to be treated in fear,
to be treated in chaste;
but desecrated was I,
at the temple of our lust,
desecrated, but willing, in love.

I prepared you,
in my mind as worthy;
of holding this body,
of feeling this love,
how naïve, how fickle,
the ends of these thoughts.

You weren’t the person I thought I expected,
you weren’t the man I was told of before;
In hindsight, however,
I wasn’t told of you, as much as I was told of me,
and thus I’ll forgive, for I was wrong about both.

You were my first,
and though I did not say it,
my body told me that you knew.
For when we became one,
our lights cried,
our bodies shone,
as they became one.

The Author

27. Living large. You control how you make another feel, don't take that for granted. Peace, Love, and Positivity.

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