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LGBT / Poetry / Shorts / Valentines in Blue

A moment in time,
A steal in the blankness, of the mirage that was love,
in the fabric of my today, tomorrow, and the morrow’s yet to come.

You understood pain,
for it was pain that you healed.

A kiss, to cure the sadness,
A touch, to clear the darkness,
cold fear, to match the quivering,
of my soul, and broken heart.

There wasn’t much that needed saying,
In those measly hours that we did stretch;
and in that infinity that we made,
we found God, and we found hope–
within the purity of our souls.

Religion of the heart,
how you’ve found my hand to hold,
how you’ve brought my being hope,
and how you’ve saved me from my own.
Love can stay within me,
and yet find a way to bloom,
that is what you taught me,
as our souls came to commune.

That is what you allowed me–
from your undefinable being;
from the unquantifiable excesses
of what I could not see.

I remember the first time that I,
swam in the oceans of your eyes;
how caves and chasms within my being–
enveloped and filled up the seams,
till fault lines that existed within–
cleared up with the purity of our dreams,
settled into the groves of our bodies,
as they finally came to sleep.

Is there a point in knowing,
hearing and seeing,
all of your love,
all of your being,
torn into pieces,
thrown into a rut?

How is it that I haven’t met you before,
yet feel like I’ve travelled long distances at your side?
How then is it possible for me to put into words the delirium that surrounded our love?
How do I explain your leaving, and my waking up–
to the realization that though you left, you hadn’t really;
that you lived on within me,
in each breath, and step.

How had you lingered,
in a mind so wrought,
How much had you wept,
into these wounds–
to heal;
to close;
to make whole again;
the living underneath.

There is warmth in knowing,
that there is more to this heart,
and that it is willing,
to get up, and move past;
all the hurt that it’s taken,
and the pain that it feels,
forever bleeding,
in this darkness, so vast.

There is healing in seeing,
that there is hope in this heart,
and that it is willing,

To open up, and be a part,
of this loving we’ve created,
this loving,
in secret.

The Author

27. Living large. You control how you make another feel, don't take that for granted. Peace, Love, and Positivity.

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