Insignificantly Significant

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Poetry / Self-help / Shorts

(In)significant raindrop sliding down my chin,Do you know where you come from, from where you begin?
From which eye you were wept,or from which space you fled?
(In)significant raindrop, who is that you dread?

Significant love,
who hurt you so?
Who cast you here,
to endure this cold?

Who made you take,
This cold and broken throne–
From one infinity to another,
to be but all alone?

Little heart,
hold still.
The winds will pass,
and then you will be free.

Hold still, this small, yet significant beating;
for there will come a time, when, from it you must part–
Thus for now, enjoy my warmth,
and for now become my love.

Hard face, in steady breathing,
Cold lungs, heave amber air;
there’s visions of you leaving,
within my broken prayer.

Significance in learning,
insignificant facts.
Insignificance in keeping,
significant pacts.

Young heart, stop your bleeding,
young love, be humble still.
I listen to your pleading,
and your hopes I will fulfil.

In a time where priority is stricken with the significance of being insignificant, and relations are but on paper, and love a fable far from here; you must talk your heart down, from breaking apart, and talk yourself off the ledge.

Do you feel like life weighs down a little more,on you, and your heart, with every trial you face, and all the hurt that you endure?
There is always a reason to pull yourself down, but an equal number to pick yourself up, to pry yourself open and truly see, what it means to be broken, yet how whole you can be.

The Author

27. Living large. You control how you make another feel, don't take that for granted. Peace, Love, and Positivity.

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