Burgundy Roses, Lavender Skin

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Mind Matter / Poetry / White

They don’t warn you of all the ills,
that come from staring into–
the well of your soul;
the darkness within,
that curdles to the top;
foamy scum, from a timid heart.

They don’t tell you of all that kills;
all the monsters that wait,
and the death that looms,
ever patient, ever hungry,
within a starving heart.

They don’t tell you of all the pain you endure,
whilst crawling to the door,
after a break in your spirit;
Or the hurt you keep–
hidden away,
within the confines of your soul.

They don’t tell you how to fill,
the hole in your spirt,
for they need you to feel,
feeble and unable,
to carry on–
without them.

They don’t– and yet, expect you to know,
not to grow beyond who they think you are;
to live without, and live within,
the hurt that’s in your heart.

But no, you must not give up,
for what the world says not to you,
is that you still can stand up;
that you still can be loud;
and that you still can grow out–
past all of that inner doubt,
and all that they throw at you,
for even if you do not believe it,
the world is always with you.

Look up to the cosmos, and speak what you desire. Speak with conviction, and speak with strength. For when you do, the universe truly will conspire to give you what you seek.

The Author

27. Living large. You control how you make another feel, don't take that for granted. Peace, Love, and Positivity.

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