Before You Forget Me

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Author's note / Blog

An open letter to my readers explaining the past few months of inactivity.

I haven’t put up regular content, since the 3rd of December, save one post a few weeks back, and the reason for that is two-fold; One, this year marked the last leg of law school, and thus there was so much to do before graduation, and concentrating on acing my tests, and working on my college applications for my postgrad was the goal for the initial part of this year, and now that that’s taken care of, I can get back to my writing, and engage you with fresh content once more. The second reason was that I used the sabbatical away from my writing as a period of introspection to understand what I want to do on this platform, and what I want to put out there through my blog, and to my surprise, I did not have an answer. I was honestly unaware of what the ‘brand’ I was building through my content was, and that is partly because I feel like I’ve tried polishing my approach to a point of being ingenuine to my actual style.

However, the thing is, I still don’t know what my brand is, or what my style is– definitively, but I understand that it’s okay as long as I’m putting up content that I’m happy with, and continue to pursue my writing with the passion that encouraged its start.

Thank you for your continued support throughout this period, and for the engaging e-mails that some of you have sent me. I will restart my writing as of tomorrow, and look forward to sharing more of my writing, and my world with you all.

Sharran Thomas.

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