This Hard Rock Bottom, I Will Survive

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If ever you find yourself in a place of non-power, where the odds seem infinitely stacked against you, and where the last of your will power seems to have left your body, know this;

“In your suffering, and in your failure, there lies a seed of great success, the kind that shapes an extraordinary human being, and one that anecdotes quote, and space and time will not forget, and in this knowledge, also know that the road is beaten, and the road is long, but success is yours if you fight the fight today, and keep marching ever forward.”

Your failures don’t define you, but in a way, they do. Your failures have borne witness to the triumph of your spirit, and the bravery of your heart. There is no definition of human capability that would hold true if it did not account for a point of failure in one’s life; for although failure isn’t supposed to define us, in a way, it does.

“Be sure to take a step today, toward your hopes and dreams,
For although the world you know has stopped,
A step will start the spinning once more,
A step today, another tomorrow,
And before you know it, your world’s back on track.
So, before another thought of dismay,
Crosses your pacing mind,
Take a step.
Just one.”

Our understanding of loss, pride, and self-worth come from a narrow vantage point that places us in the centre of our universe. Placing ourselves in such positions of high regard automatically bring with it expectations, and the need to be the best. It is for this reason that we often feel disheartened when we haven’t achieved societal standards of good or great. Understand that if tomorrow you were to lose a job, a marriage, a personal battle, etc. the universe will continue, time will move, people will age, and that loss will slip away amidst the sands of time. Nothing is infinite, no pain, no loss, nothing. This understanding is needed to realize the small speck we occupy in an otherwise grand design, and we must, in this speck, try to live; truly live, only to grow as a human, irrespective of the standards of greatness set by society. Recognising our own mortality, and gaining strength from such a realisation is our biggest strength, as a species.

Strength is often described as a measure of one’s courage;
Of their ability to power through situations of bleak defeat,
Or how much they’re willing to take before they give in.
Let me realign your understanding of that strength.
That strength is willpower,
It allows one to tap into the strength of their spirit,
To try and will oneself out of a slump, emotional or otherwise. 

However, true strength of the spirit, is the resilience of one’s vessel,
The kindness and love, that allows one to navigate the worst storms,
And still wear a smile at the end of it all,
That is true strength.
To understand the futility in holding on to destructive emotions,
And the capability to breathe when the air gets heavy,
Knowing that the air is just that, and it will not hurt you.

So much of our understanding of what life is, or is supposed to be, stems from our misunderstanding of who we are and what place we occupy in a world of ember and ash.

There is so much to this that we do not see, so much that we cannot comprehend, but therein lies the problem, because our blindness is self-brought, it exists and thrives on our inability to see beyond ourselves, and our inexplicable need to see ourselves as all-deserving of the good, and non-deserving of the bad, not realizing that there is such a thing as balance.

The Author

27. Living large. You control how you make another feel, don't take that for granted. Peace, Love, and Positivity.


  1. So true and profound, if only more people would understand…to each acording to their thought… “Blindness is self-brought”.

  2. I’m glad you liked it 🙂
    And yes, I agree; if only more people invested their time in introspection and self-discovery, a lot of personal trials and tribulations could be overcome.

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