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Mind Matter / Poetry / Self-help / White

when trying is all that’s left to do,
when the screaming and crying begins to hurt you,
when your life is no better by standing so still,
when you’ve lost all hope, and maybe your will.

for at that point you have naught to lose;
no face to save or need to prove,
to anyone but yourself–
that you’re worth your weight, and can stand your ground–
that your past does not still keep you bound;
to the visions of failure that’s kept your heart down,
and dampened your spirit,
and turned you around.

for you have only this life to live,
where no promises made to your afterlife will,
make better your condition of living down here,
so live for today, don’t wait until–
tomorrow’s too late, and yesterday’s gone by,
and till it comes your time to die.

For although it might just be that fear,
that causes you doubt, and could be your nadir,
there’s risk and loss in all great acts,
love, and birth: the most silent of pacts.
But loss should not deter you thus,
from living, and loving, and smiling with us,
the people who love you, the people who care,
the people, come storm, who will always be there.

So try;
for although tomorrow is not,
a promise of a better today–
today is all you have.
So try.

The Author

27. Living large. You control how you make another feel, don't take that for granted. Peace, Love, and Positivity.

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